Organizational Capacity Building

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Whether you are looking for out-of-the-box solutions or a partner on the journey, District Bridges wants to help you understand your goals, identify challenges, and design a pathway forward to ensure you achieve your mission. Shop our ready to go products below or reach out to schedule a time to chat.

The most impactful and dynamic organizations are built on a solid foundation of strategic planning, best practices, and intentional implementation. District Bridges’ organizational capacity-building services help nonprofits and NGOs lay the organizational “cornerstones” to achieve the mission and vision, have more impact, and do it sustainably. We can help your organization with:

  • Leadership Development & Executive Coaching
  • Board Development & Training
  • Internal Systems Evaluation & Optimization
  • Organizational Crisis Management & Transition Planning
  • Workplanning & Budgeting
  • Internal Systems Evaluation & Optimization

Leadership Development & Executive Coaching

Running a nonprofit can be all-consuming and isolating. Many executive directors find themselves investing all of their time and energy into the communities they serve but have no one who is investing in them. Our leadership development & executive coaching provides nonprofit executives with real tools that help manage the multitude of balls you have to juggle and help you develop new leadership skills along the way. Our goal is to help passionate nonprofit professionals develop skills to ensure they can run the marathon that is nonprofit leadership.

Organizational Crisis Management & Transition Planning

Has your organization lost its executive director? Are you navigating a financial crisis? Or do you want to plan ahead for your organization so you don’t find yourself in this position? Our team can provide interim executive support and help manage through the crisis. We can also help you plan for an executive transition that ensures your organization is prepared and positioned for success.

Board Development & Training

Serving on a nonprofit board of directors can be a deeply fulfilling experience. Most board members join an organization because they believe in the mission and vision and want to contribute their skills in a meaningful way. Our team of seasoned nonprofit professionals have worked with organizations of all sizes and stages of development from start-up to multi-national nonprofits. Whether you are looking to develop a board and recruit new members or training your existing board to empower them to better serve the organization, our team can help set your board up for success.

Workplanning & Budgeting

The challenge many nonprofit organizations face is that they have a clear mission but there are a thousand ways they could achieve that mission. Strategic planning helps you identify where you’re going but a workplan helps you figure out the nuts and bolts of how you actually do it. Our team will work with your organization to identify, prioritize, and set realistic goals that can be achieved in a single year. We will then help you set realistic budgets to ensure you have the necessary resources to achieve your workplan.

Strategic Planning & Fundraising Development

Strategic planning is critical to your organization achieving your mission. Through our strategic planning process, we work with your organization to identify your goals and develop an actionable plan to move you from where you are to where you want to go. Once we have that roadmap we will also help you develop a fundraising strategy that will ensure you have the resources you need to achieve your goals.

Internal Systems Evaluation & Optimization

No matter what sector you are in your most valuable resource is time. So stop wasting your most valuable resources because you haven’t optimized your internal systems. Our team can help you evaluate your internal and external processes to help you streamline organizational operations to free up more time for you to focus on your mission.